Physician’s Billing Alternative Management Team

President - Gary Dobel

Gary is the leader of the Physican's Billing Alternative team. Gary’s experience as an executive leading the charge for large technology driven corporations like MCI, MFS & ATT makes him a perfect fit to lead the company’s growth initiatives that will be driven by the emergence of Electronic Health Records. In addition to being President, Gary will run the sales and marketing organization on behalf of the company. His “roll up your sleeve” approach and strong family values resonate throughout the company, which enables the rest of the team to stay focused on our core mission.

“The mission of Physician’s Billing Alternative is to provide leading technology solutions and best-in-class customer support to the medical business community that promotes the efficient and effective use of PBA’s resources in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, to create overall success for our customers and future customers. “

Director of IT - James Smith

James brings his 20 plus years experience in Information Technology to the Physican's Billing Alternative team. Working in the very demanding industries of commercial banking and hospitality, has prepared James for the evolution that the medical billing industry is about to embark on. He is more than up to the challenge to lead our organization into the deployment and implementation phase of the progressive move into Electronic Health Records. James prides himself in staying ahead of the curve of the ever changing world of technology by immersing himself into research and development. If your practice is challenged by the changing technological environment, please feel free to contact James with any of your questions or concerns. It will be his pleasure to assist you.


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